Friday, March 20, 2009

safe water

The next time you're chugging a bottle of Evian, think about this: 884 million people, roughly one-eighth of the world’s population, don't have access to safe water? World Water Day takes place on March 22 to raise awareness of the global water crisis, one of the largest public health issues of our time. Nature’s Gate, a company dedicated to developing personal care products based on botanical remedies, produces pure, natural organic products designed to help you and the world around you. The company's products are free of animal derived ingredients and never tested on animals. This Sunday, March 22nd, Nature's Gate partners with WaterAid America, an international non-profit that helps poor communities in Asia and Africa gain access to sustainable supplies of safe, clean water. To learn how you can help, visit In the meantime, use the coupon posted below to try some of Nature's Gate's organic products. Kids love the Kid's Block 30 Giggleberry Scent Sunscreen Lotion--so stock up while you can. Nature’s Gate products are available at Whole Foods and other health and natural food stores across the U.S. and Canada or by visiting

save money, save lives

Use this coupon on March 22nd to get a discount on Nature's Gate products...and help promote World Water Day 2009.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

crib notes

Tired of Target? Irked with Ikea? Looking for more than BuyBuyBaby has in store? Check out the Los Angeles based Muu Collection of baby furniture, designed in collaboration with the design firm One & Co. “The collaboration between Muu and One & Co was incredibly fruitful because One & Co shares our commitment to creating products that are both beautiful and highly functional," says founder and designer Robert Kwak. “In addition, the fact that we are all parents of young children gave everyone a common experience to draw from. Many of our most thoughtful design elements grew out of conversations about our own kids.” Trust me, these eclectic products are a far cry from your standard baby options; the designs are literally pieces of art and the decorative motifs are creative, whimsical and fresh. With inspiration from mid-century modern architecture, the punk movement, sneaker design and Kwak's own urban New York childhood experiences, Muu furniture can be personalized with hundreds of graphic, color and font options. The Sam Collection, composed of high-quality, durable, sustainable products, ranges from $495 to $1395 and includes cribs/toddler beds, dressers with/without changing tables, storage units, twin beds and nightstands (I want one for myself!) Look for this exclusive collection at local retailers (like Green Depot in NY) and on