Friday, March 5, 2010

expert advice: perfect underpinnings from Intimate Apparel Expert Cortney Scheiner

Everybody's favorite award show is just two days away. We're all wondering what the stars will be wearing on the red carpet but we'd also like to know what they'll be wearing underneath it all. Plunging cleavage, backless gowns and exposed thighs require just the right underpinnings. The Natural VP and Intimate Apparel Expert Cortney Scheiner reveals the secrets to successful red carpet dressing. They all deserve awards in my book.

1. What's the best Natural piece for a one-shoulder dress? What should you be concerned with when wearing it?

“Asymmetrical necklines are one of the hottest trends in eveningwear. A convertible bra, such as The Natural Solutions Bra, with multiple straps and strap hooks works well with halter, one shoulder and asymmetrical necklines, enabling the wearer to create custom intimate apparel options catered to each garment by attaching straps as needed to create an almost custom bra.”

The Natural Solutions Bra, $39.00 /

2. What's the best Natural piece for a strapless dress? How does it offer lift and shape?

“The Natural Combo Bra is the best bet for a low-cut, cutaway strapless dress. This underwire bra with interchangeable back strap options creates a pretty bust line without sacrificing support.”

The Natural Combo Bra, $27.99 /

3. What's the best Natural piece to wear with a backless dress? How do you get the support you need?

“The Natural Shaper Bra is an all-adhesive bra that adheres directly to the body for extreme backless style. This light weight and seam free bra eliminates straps all together while providing full shape and support in the front. Just because you are wearing a bra, you don’t have to show it!”

The Natural Shaper Bra, $47.99 /

4. Describe the worst fashion blooper you've see on the red carpet and how a Natural product would have been able to help avoid it.

“When a look requires the barest of underpinnings, Satin Nipple Covers provide the coverage needed for a smooth and seamless silhouette and nothing more, no extra bulk! Follow up with Reveal & Hold Tape, which does just that: holds everything in place while allowing for an alluring look that does not reveal too much and ensures avoiding any unintentional exposure”

Satin Nipple Covers, $12.00 /

Reveal & Hold Tape, $6.99,

5. What's your favorite Natural piece and why?

“Do not sacrifice support when wearing a plunging neckline. The Sexy Plunge Bra dips below the breasts and has gently padded cups to create cleavage and lift to provide both sex appeal and support. This bra provides essential coverage where you need it while concealing unsightly bra straps. The straps convert into a halter or a low back style, giving you more bang for your buck.”

The Natural Sexy Plunge Bra, $28.00 /

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

winter skin care: curel wins the gold

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games have come and gone...and as a result, we've met superstar athletes, witnessed superb performances and shed a tear or two over their trials and triumphs. But we also learned a few things about taking care of our dry, winter skin. If these athletes managed to protect themselves from whipping winds and freezing temperatures, we can too. Thanks to new Curél®, it's possible. Curél® Itch Defense Skin Balancing Moisture Lotion for Dry Itchy Skin rebalances four essential components of healthy skin, restoring skin to its natural moisture levels: Humectants and emollients boost moisturization and leave skin feeling protected, natural ceramides restore skin’s barrier function and regulate skin’s ability to hold moisture, Accelerated Cellular Turnover minimizes dry, flaky skin and smoothes the skin’s surface, balancing the dry skin cycle, and balanced pH levels return skin to a healthy equilibrium. I've been using it on myself for the past two weeks and definitely notice a difference. But I also use it on my kids (when they let me apply it!) and it works wonders for keeping their skin soft and smooth. The best part: It helps reduce itchiness which many babies/toddlers/kids have so they sleep better and are just happier campers in general (which means moms are happy too!) Look for more info and other great Curel products on