Wednesday, May 9, 2012

If you're a klutz in the kitchen like I am, you need to keep UnBurn Sunburn Relief (by Water Jel) in your cupboard. After years of my husband telling me to be careful when cooking, he finally got burned! It was a slight burn on the back of his hand but painful nonetheless. I had just received a tube of UnBurn to test-drive and immediately applied it. The cooling sensation worked right away and took away the pain. The next day, we noticed that I had missed part of the burn, unfortunate for him but fortunate for my review as I could see the difference between the area where I had applied the product and where I hadn't. The treated area was smoother and had healed faster overnight. 

UnBurn is a pain relieving gel that instantly pulls heat from the skin to soothe, calm and cure burns caused by the sun, stove, straightener – you name it. Ingredients include spearmint oil, tea tree oil, aloe and 2.5% lidocaine which helps to relieve pain instantly, making UnBurn a great solution to curing/calming bug bits and other skin irritations, as well.

There’s a huge difference between UnBurn and the typical aloe vera treatment when it comes to soothing sunburns. When you burn your skin, the heat remains beneath the surface (like a turkey removed from the oven continues to cook beneath the skin!). In order to start the healing process, the heat from the burn must be conducted outward - UnBurn does just that using heat transfer technology. It immediately drops the temperature of the burn, allowing the gel to penetrate through the skin for instant relief.

UnBurn is re-launching now with a new design and 8 oz. bottle – just in time for summer! It’s available in Walmart stores nationwide for $11.99. I hope I don't get a sunburn this summer but I'm throwing my UnBurn into my travel bag just in case. It's always better to be prepared.