Thursday, June 17, 2010

happy father's day: gifts for all dads

Most guys claim they don't "need" anything, but when Father's Day comes around, there are plenty of gift ideas for the women in their lives to choose from. Here are some favorites...
Not just another tie! Votre Vu's Tie One Off gift set ($63; a $93 value) includes these must-have, travel-sized products: · Formule 1 Men’s 3-in-1 Hair, Face and Body Wash · Habitude Men’s Daily Face Crème (SPF 15) · Beau Baume Organic Shave Balm · Ten Gauge Health & Energy Slam (Five 2.5 oz. bottles). Go to to order.
He'll never have to have a bad hair day again with Sculpt Wax ($22). Light-reflecting shine polymers to give hold, separation and definition. Dry hair, then twist, bend and shape into desired style. Peyton Manning and Josh Duhamel are fans. Get some for dad at

If he already has an iPad, get him a case to tote it in. TARGUS introduces iPad cases ($49.99 each) designed to protect it while you're on the go. They come in multiple color options, including black, blue, brown, and plum, and have a new A7 Neoprene Sleeve that holds up to 17" widescreen laptops. Available via
Make sure he doesn't neglect his feet! The Pedicure Salon Kit ($9.99) from Kiss contains a Toenail Clipper, Cuticle Nipper, Foot & Brush Stone, Cuticle Pusher & Cleaner, Toe Separators, 4-Way Bugger, Nail File and Manicure Sticks--all basic necessities. Available at

If he prefers the slightly scruffy look but still wants to appear well-groomed, give him the Remington Complete Grooming System ($19.99). It has a wide trimmer, a fine trimmer, and 16 different comb lengths to trim any beard length. At Target, Walmart and

Don't let him sweat the shaving routine. Give him the BLACK OPAL Razor Bump Solution Shave System ($21.95)--complete with Anti-Bump Cleanser, Anti-Bump Shave Gel and Anti-Bump Treatment for smooth, soft, non-irritated skin. Go to, enter promo code DAD20 at checkout and receive free shipping on your entire order.

Monday, June 14, 2010

expert advice: thin parents, thin kids--from bariatric surgeon Dr. Carson Liu

The constant struggle to lose weight has always been a big concern in my family. So from the first time I laid eyes on a kids' weight chart, keeping my kids thin has been continuously on my mind. While weight loss diets abound, what I really want to know is how to keep them healthy before we reach that point. I asked UCLA-trained bariatric surgeon Dr. Carson Liu for some suggestions on how genetics, environment and parental behavior affects kids' weight issues. Here, he shares his insight...

Kidandcaboodle: Which factors are genetic and out of our control? Can you briefly explain the genetic angle and how this issue is passed down from parent to child?
Dr. Carson Liu: Obesity is 2/3 genetic and 1/3 caused by environmental factors such as the type and amount of food available to us, amount of stress, amount of activity, and habits we learn.

K&C: What are some environmental factors that affect obesity and how?
CL: The lack of daily exercise, the large amounts of carbohydrates in our diet, and the increase in stress in everyone's daily lives all affect obesity.

K&C: Can you offer three easy tips for parents to follow to discourage obesity in their children--perhaps ones that don't sound so overwhelming to try?
CL: Some easy tips that parents can instill is daily exercise and to eat healthy home cooked meals, not processed foods. We need to teach children how to prepare easy foods that don't entail heating a frozen pizza or Hot Pocket. We also need to teach kids how to shop for groceries on the periphery of grocery stores where fruits and vegetables reside, rather than processed foods. The food they eat should not have more than five ingredients. Kids should eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day!

K&C: How can parents promote healthy eating without pushing too hard which can lead kids to rebel or seek out unhealthy foods?
CL: Parents need to lead by example. Eat less starchy foods such as bread, pasta, rice or potato. Take a walk everyday with the kids.

K&C: How should parents handle the constant stream of birthday parties and candy given out at school or by other parents?
CL: Allow the child to have one piece and don't make it a daily event. Birthdays are special occasions and kids should be made aware that it is an extraordinary day.

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