Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Ultimate Lifestyle Diet: Yes you can!

We all know dieting is not a trend, it's a lifestyle. But, c'mon moms, how hard is it to practice? You've got kids who only want to eat pasta all day every day and long hours that lead to grabbing a bite while you can and snacking when you shouldn't. Thankfully, Bariatric surgeon and weight loss expert Dr. Carson Liu releases his Ultimate Lifestyle Diet.

“Obesity is much about behavior, not just eating the wrong foods,” says Dr. Liu. “Most people view diets as a temporary and time consuming activity.” Dr. Liu’s Ultimate Lifestyle Diet recommends 10 easy, guilt-free actions that will make a difference for a lifetime. Dr. Liu points out that the best diet technique is to make multiple simple changes in behavior that will help move a person towards a better and healthier life. Here, his secrets to your dieting success...

1. Don’t eat packaged food that has the word Fructose or a chemical with numbers in the ingredients (that means, bypass the snack aisle at the grocery store).
2. Don’t eat food that is delivered to your house or through your car window (no more Sunday night Chinese food!).
3. Before shopping for food, eat a meal. Never shop hungry. (Easier said than done!)
4. Switch out sodas for sparkling water, candy for carob chips and high calorie snacks for nuts and fruit. (Limited nut intake, that is...)
5. Cook your own meals and reduce the portion size of bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. (Size does matter!)
6. Eat from small plates. (Ditto!)
7. Eat slowly using a child’s size spoon, knife or fork. (My kids might fight me for it but okay...)
8. Wait 20 minutes before having a second helping. (Good one!)
9. Don’t eat while watching TV. (It doesn't matter that all the prime time series premiere in a couple of weeks...)
10. Turn off your computer and or TV for one hour per day and take a walk. (Exercise will do you good).

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