Monday, October 19, 2009

backpacks get personal

You can put your personal stamp on everything these days--so why not backpacks? Oakley lets your kids get creative and design their own. They're more fun than traditional styles and you can avoid inadvertent mixups since you're guaranteed no other kid will have the same one. Here's how it works: For the Rework Pack ($90), kids choose from nine different colors when designing their bags, from the main color, contrast color, trim, and webbing, to the logo and zipper tape. For the Hardshell Pack ($170-$190), choose from a black or khaki base and eight different designs to cover the side panels. Sure, you can buy them for less at Payless, but if your kid doesn't like Spiderman or the Transformers, you're outta luck. Set your kids up on so they can create their own personal designs now.