Sunday, June 20, 2010

expert advice: get into shape ten minutes at a time, from personal trainer/bodybuilder Kevin Richardson

When you finally find ten free minutes in your day to so ANYTHING but take care of the kids, how do you spend them? There are a million things that come to mind--and taking care of yourself is probably not at the top of the list. Personal trainer/bodybuilder Kevin Richardson offers five easy ways to stay in shape in only ten minutes. Here, his expert advice for moms on the go...

1. Sit Down And Have A Proper Breakfast. It may not sound like much, but with all the focus on the kids, it’s easy to forget to do something as simple as having a good breakfast. Studies continue to show the importance of the first meal on the way our body is able to perform, and on our ability to maintain a healthy body weight. Just ten minutes in the morning to sit down and eat a proper breakfast will not only help you be healthier, but will also improve your mood by keeping your blood sugar regulated throughout the day. Healthy breakfast choices include oatmeal (not the instant kind), eggs and fruit. You can get more information on healthy breakfast choices from my free weight loss ebook on healthy breakfast choices.

2. Take A Ten Minute Walk. It isn't much to ask for in terms of time, but at least four to five times a week go for a brisk ten minute walk. It will do wonders for your stress levels and will give you a regular break that you can look forward to!

3. Keep A Food Journal. Take ten minutes at the end of each day to write down what you ate for the day and how you felt after you ate it. People that track their food intake are far more likely to recognize eating habits that lead to unwanted pounds around the waistline and are better able to lose weight from a real understanding of what they are eating. Most people are surprised at how different how much you think you ate measures up to how much you really ate when they take the time to reflect and write it down. Don't ever feel guilty if you find yourself eating the wrong foods- as guilt has no place in the quest to get in great shape and will only make you feel miserable. Instead use it as a guide to give you a handle of how you can avoid some of the cues and situations that lead to eating the wrong foods.

4. Take Ten Minutes To Learn A New Healthy Recipe Each Week. Take the time to go online or get a book on healthy eating and learn just one healthy recipe a week. Try out your new foods as well and you’ll soon find yourself cooking healthier meals on a regular basis; the whole household will benefit as a result.

5. Follow A High Intensity Training Program. Not only are high intensity training programs more effective than conventional ones, but they are also much shorter. Studies have shown that you can increase your strength, build endurance and lose those extra pounds with a high intensity workout of only ten minutes three times a week. It's the perfect solution to the problem of not having enough time to exercise.

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