Thursday, April 1, 2010

expert advice: five moves for a beach-ready body

It's April 1st--summer is only weeks away! Before you panic because you're not ready to shed your winter layers, try these five moves for a beach-ready body--from Celebrity Fitness Trainer Ashley Conrad. Designed to elicit serious results in a short period of time, Ashley’s signature “Clutch” system boasts celebrity clients like Kate Hudson, Rashida Jones, Taye Diggs, Goldie Hawn, Oliver Hudson and Mackenzie Phillips. I think you'll be a fan too.

5 Best Moves/Tips To Get Your Body Beach Ready

Equipment: Bodyweight

1) Start in the push-up position.
2) Bring legs underneath you just wider than shoulders.
3) From this position, explode up and jump up off the ground.
4) Land and immediately place your hands just outside your feet, then go back to the start push-up position.
5) Repeat for 15 repetitions

Equipment: 3 lb dumb bells

1) Shadow box for 30 seconds

Equipment: Bodyweight
This exercise is a very effective way to firm, shape, tone, build and increase muscular endurance for the legs. To perform this exercise correctly:

1) Stand in a lunge position, right foot forward.
2) Make sure to keep your hands behind your head.
3) Jump up and switch foot position in mid-air, landing in a lunge position, with
your left foot forward, keeping your hands behind your head.
4) Repeat eight times for each leg.

Equipment: Mat

1) Lie on a mat on your stomach with your palms face down and at your shoulders.
2) Your legs and feet should be together with your toes down.
3) Now, lift your body up, as if you were going to do a push up, and keep your arms straight, as well as your entire body.
4) While breathing consistently, hold, and repeat as recommended.
5) Make sure to not let your stomach or hips drop, but keep your entire body in alignment.
6) Hold for 15 seconds.

Equipment: Bodyweight

1) Place hands on ground 12 inches outside of shoulders and then bring your body to the plank position.
2) Bring body down until your upper and forearm reach an angle of 90 degrees then push back up to the start position.
3) Your body should remain completely straight throughout the movement.
4) Do as many of these that you can, then drop to your knees and do as many as you can in this position.

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