Thursday, August 19, 2010

Decadent Dessert: Your Kids Will Love New Duncan Hines Decadent Cakes and Glazes

Typically, my kids won't eat anything "decadent". I've labored over complicated main dishes, time-consuming sides and fancy desserts to try to peak their culinary experience, only to find them making a sour face at the dinner table and claiming they are full. OK, maybe it's my cooking! But I decided to give Duncan Hines' Triple Chocolate Cake ($2.99) a try and see what they thought.

OK, you're thinking, "How can you go wrong with a boxed mix of chocolate cake?" To make things a bit more challenging, I decided to bake it without adding the eggs since my son is allergic. In trying to accommodate his allergy, I have found that most recipes that call for egg don't always need it.

The kids--who find mixing something in a mixing bowl more entertaining than the latest computer game--gave me a hand. After getting the mix into the pan, we topped it with the special fudge topping and set it in the oven. The batter even had real chocolate chips chunks in it! After about 30 minutes (maybe a little longer since I never have the right-size pan), it was ready. We didn't have one of the newly launched Decadent Glazes ($2.49--available in chocolate and vanilla, they're not as sweet as frosting and are easy to squeeze on your dessert) so we sampled it without.

Here's what the kids said:
Harrison, age 4: "I love it! It's so sweet. I like that it's soft inside!"
Ava, age 2.5: "I like the chocolate chips!"
Harrison: "Yeah, I like the chocolate chips too!"

After further discussion, we have decided to switch our standard cupcake recipe (we tote them to all the birthday parties so Harrison can have one when the other kids have their cake or cupcakes during the happy birthday song) for the DC mix.

The best part: The cake has zero grams of trans fat and no hydrogenated oils. Still, not as healthy as an apple but sometimes you just need to satsify that sweet tooth!

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