Thursday, January 12, 2012 Accessories by the Bundle

Sometimes it's hard to get out of your "mom" clothes--what you wear to the playground or to the PTA meeting--but every now and then it's a necessity. And when you do, you want to look your best. Not only do you want to sport a chic outfit but you want to pair it with beautiful accessories at a price you can afford to complete the look. And after a day of changing diapers and settling arguments, you want it to be easy. This new website saves the day, with cutting edge designs, affordable prices and savvy style tips. (BAB) is the brainchild of founder Bill Mazhar, whose family business was located in the heart of Manhattan’s wholesale district. “I saw that there were numerous stores with great designs and good prices for accessories but they were only available to big retail shops who had to purchase a large quantity of accessories to even qualify for an order. Luckily, our store allowed both retail and wholesale purchases.” But there was still something missing. Mazhar realized that customers wanted experienced stylists to help them match their favorite accessories and they wanted discounts for purchasing items that matched perfectly together. In addition, they preferred trusted name brands when purchasing their accessories. By combining these factors, he established a new way to purchase jewelry and BAB was born.

BAB has a team of designers that curate jewelry from quality brand names and sells them in a bundled set which we call a ‘Mini Boutique’ at a steep discount. Mini Boutiques are brand name accessories composed of two or more items. is different from other sites because it sells all of its products in bundles prepared by experienced stylists at prices that are heavily discounted. After all, who doesn’t love a bargain? The website provides customers with designer bundles at discounts over 50% off the retail price. Stylists pair up with name brands to offer styling advice and create very trendy mini-boutiques to sell on BAB for unbelievable discounts. Choose from a handful of must-have collections including: BOLD (statement pieces), EDGY (innovative jewelry made of wood, gun-metal, beads and animal prints), BOHEMIAN ( eclectic options) or SOPHISTICATE (a cultured, cosmopolitan look).

Some of our favorite bundles: The Swan Necklace and Bracelet from Elizabeth J’adore. The faux pearl necklace is an edgy alternative to the one your grandmother gave you for your high school graduation and pairs beautifully with the flower white leather bracelet (bundle price, $64). The Luxe Sophisticate features a necklace, bracelet and earrings crafted from a mixed medley of materials, including stunning crystal stones, glitzy rhinestone chains and an ultra-delicate floral motif made from minted gems (bundle price, $144).

The best part: At, you get expert advice on how to wear the items you are purchasing. Let leading industry stylists help you put together a winning accessories look that will take you from work to day to night with ease. Go to to choose your favorite jewels.

Monday, January 9, 2012

help! it's cold and flu season

Welcome to cold and flu season…it’s time to get educated! Help Remedies’ Medical Director David Pompei (Pharm.D) provides the below tips on navigating through the drugstore clutter and other useful information for surviving cold/flu season. Keep them in mind when taking care of your kids, but practice what you preach and follow them yourself as well.

1. PREVENT yourself from needing to visit the drug aisle - wash your hands regularly, exercise, consider getting a flu shot; these basic public health measures do reduce the chance of getting sick.

2. IDENTIFY YOUR SPECIFIC SYMPTOMS. If you do get sick, avoid characterizing your condition using ambiguous terms such as 'cold' or 'flu'. Instead, identify your specific symptoms; do you have a headache, does your body ache, do you have a fever, are you congested, do you have a runny nose, etc. and select product/s with active ingredients that focus on your specific symptoms rather than catchalls that may have medications that you don’t need.

3. TAKE LESS. Take just the amount of medicine you need. If a small dose relieves your symptom, there is no additional benefit in taking more. Start with a moderate dose – if you need more you can take more, up to the recommended dosage per day.

4. ASK QUESTIONS. The drug aisle can be confusing at times, and the pharmacist is there to help you get the right medication for your needs.

5. DON’T OVERDO IT. While you’re sick, take care of yourself. Rest, use a sick day, drink lots of fluids (including that old remedy, soup).

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