Wednesday, May 27, 2009

get comfortable

You go out of your way to find super-soft clothes and accessories for your baby--from onesies to blankets, even baby wipes! The creator of the Little Pharo clothing line can relate. Monica used 100% Extra-Long Staple Egyptian Cotton, an extremely luxurious and rare fiber. Her 18-month old son wears Little Pharo jammies or shirts and leggings whenever he is home. He also wears the onesies (sleeveless or short-sleeve in the summer, and long-sleeve in the winter) underneath his clothes because, she says, "what more important place would you want something ultra soft, than against your baby's delicate skin?" Not only are the pieces extra soft, but Monica claims she's washed them dozens of times and they're totally durable. She says they actually get even softer with each wash! "I am still trying to figure out what my son is going to wear when he outgrows the line later this year--it only runs up to 24 months for now!" she says. Choose lightweight summer pieces like rompers or leggings, or pick out your next baby shower gift (try the adorable onesies!) A portion of the proceeds from each Little Pharo garment purchased goes to benefit underprivileged and orphaned children in Africa. Go to to order and enter the coupon code caboodle for a 20% discount off your entire purchase.