Friday, February 3, 2012

big apple abc's: a great gift from mr. boddington's studio

Tired of all the typical kids' artwork that adorns your kids' walls? Jazz things up a bit with a whimsical version of an ABC poster from Mr. Boddington's Studio. Forget "A" is for "Apple" and "B" is for "Boat." Each letter corresponds to something special about New York City. "A" is for "Alternate Side of the Street Parking" -- what kid doesn't know about that?! "M" is for "Metrocard," that thing they play with and inevitably lose when they pull apart your wallet. "Y" is for "Yellow Cabs" because we learn to hail them at about age 2 (a true story about my cousin Sara!), and "Z" is for "Zillionaire Jogging" because that's why Central Park was created! If your kids don't get some of the jokes ("P" is for "Pigeons and Pilates", or "O" is for "Overworked Attorneys"), you definitely will. Only $20 on, where you can also get some very chic wedding invitations, place cards and baby announcements.

Papa, how do you spell big apple? NYC loves ABC Poster. Hand-drawn , 11" X 17", flat matte in brilliant color. ($20)

Monday, January 30, 2012

what a difference a blowdry makes! thanks to the Paul LaBrecque Salon and Spa

Growing up with straight hair, I always wanted my sisters' gorgeous curls and they always wanted my stick straight locks. After all, the grass is always greener. Seems like this concept holds throughout the generations.

My four-year-old daughter, who has the most gorgeous curls, would give anything for her friends' straight do's. This weekend, I took her to the well-known Paul Labrecque salon and spa on Manhattan's Upper West Side (, where I get my own hair cut, for a much-needed trim. Her only request was for my favorite stylist, Jasmine, to cut off her curls!

Jasmine kindly explained that if she cut off the curls, her hair would still be curly and offered her an allover trim with a little angling in the front and a professional blowdry instead. My very shy daughter sat staring in the mirror as her hair was straightened, leaving Jasmine and I trying to determine whether or not she was going to be happy with the results. But the second she was finished, a huge grin spread from ear to ear at the fact that she has rediscovered herself as a girl with straight hair!

For the rest of the afternoon, she was in heaven--prancing around town, swinging her head from side to side in disbelief. We pinned her hair up so she could take her bath and not ruin her 'do, and this morning, she put on her best dress and party shoes to go to school to show off her new look. Let me tell you...she walked down the hall of her preschool as if she was on the catwalk! Teachers and students stole second glances and made a big fuss over her transformation. I have never seen her so happy!

Thanks to Jasmine and the amazing Paul Labrecque team for pulling this off--it will truly be a day she remembers for life! As for me, I am dreading tonight's bath when we have to wash her hair and the curls will reappear. Jasmine, do you have any openings tomorrow?

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