Sunday, April 25, 2010

nice legs, oooh lala!

When I first tried the Organic White Tea and Shea Butter Shave Cream ($24) from Ooohlala Beverly Hills' Ec-Oooh-Chic line, I wasn't impressed. But that's because I was so tired I thought it was a moisturizer! (C'mon moms, you can relate....) I smoothed it on my skin and thought, "Hmmm, this isn't going to do the trick." Then I woke up and realized it was shaving cream! I quickly jumped into the shower and put it to the test. Not only did it give me a close shave but really left my legs feeling super-smooth, thanks to the rich, antioxidant-packed, shea-butter rich formula. It will even work well on your husband's face (if he dares to use it!). Now I won't have to worry about stubble when my kids climb all over me! Also try Bohemmian Blue Organic Body Lotion ($19.75), an antioxidant rich moisturizer, and Body Wash ($18.50), both nourishing and hydrating. Go to to make your purchase. Bonus: If you sign up to be an Ec~Oooh~Chic Ooohlala girl, you'll get exclusive internet offers, get to preview new products, get discounts when a friend places an order, get free shipping on orders over $75, and receive a special gift for your birthday. What a great gift to yourself!