Thursday, December 9, 2010

mom, what's for dinner?

As a mom, you can probably relate to that 3:00 PM panic: OMG, what am I going to make for dinner tonight? Darlene Sabella, published author and writer for, says: "Mixing and matching ingredients is always fun and gives you lots of ways to hide healthy foods." Here, she shares some great ideas for quick and easy foods your kids will love.

1 Pasta, please! Now you can throw anything in pasta and with a little red sauce and they can never tell. A great wholesome addition is organic extra firm Tofu. It tastes a little like chicken. Add cabbage which really makes it taste great, with of course, whole wheat pasta, and any other veggie you can hide in the meal. Serve with some great garlic bread and the kids and hubby will never know.

2 Time for Tacos Home made tacos are also a winner. If the family is vegan, you have to make adjustments but you can use ground turkey, and make your own taco sauce. The package sauce is full of toxic ingredients. You can use a healthy lettuce, fresh tomatos, and buy or make your own wheat tacos.

3 Meat Loaf Mania I make a great surprise meat loaf. If you're not vegan, use turkey meat, organic eggs, all organic ingredients, lots of chopped celery to give it a great taste.

4 Lentil Lovers Kids don't know beans are a veggie so you can make lentils in your crock-pot. I add everything in my veggie draw in the refrigerator: just remember to add things at different times as the softer items need to go in last. I use my grater for the carrots so they have a way of disappearing in the meal and lots of olive oil adds the last great touch. Use sea salt for flavor.

5 Breakfast Anytime Breakfast is always a rush time of the day, but their is nothing better than great nutrition from organic fresh eggs. I even use this for dinner sometimes. It's fun to mix up your meals. I add in olive oil, chopped organic asparagus, scallions, and leaks (which are sweeter then scallions once cooked). Also, add mushrooms, then mix your eggs with organic soy milk and pour into the pan. When it's done, top with chopped fresh cold tomatoes with some wheat toast and whatever you might enjoy.