Saturday, August 20, 2011

the smurfs are in the house

Have you seen the much-anticipated Smurf's movie yet? I haven't...but my kids are all too familiar withe adorable blue creatures since they decorate the shampoo and body wash bottles in our bathtub. Every kid will love the fun, new bath-time products created to celebrate the movie launch. Suave Kids® introduced specially designed bottles of shampoos, detanglers and body washes – all featuring the Smurfs. While the packaging is engaging for your tykes, you won't be disappointed by the faithful Suave formulas inside. They lather up effectively, rinse out pretty well (better on my son's straight hair than on my daughter's endlessly curly locks, but that can probably be said for most brands) and leave hair soft and shiny. True, my daughter chooses the one she wants to use based on the color of the product (pink and blue are her favorite) but hey, whatever it takes to get them to wash themselves is okay by me. Go to for more info.