Wednesday, June 30, 2010

let the sun shine

When it comes to kids and sunscreen, what's easiest and fastest triumphs. Slather it on and get them on their way--before they get too antsy and wriggle away from you. So in these challenging days when you're trying to get them off to camp on time, SuperGoop comes to the rescue with some great news delivery systems. My favorite: SPF 30 Sunscreen Swipes ($34 for a pack of 40, or $12 for eight travel packs). They contain zinc, a powerful UV protector, so they're great for sensitive skin and you can use them on their face or body. I also love the SPF 30 Everyday UV Protection Spray ($24) in a convenient pump spray that lets you get to hard to reach places like behind ears and necks. It's water-resistant and moisturizing and has Parsol 1789 which offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Go to to stock up for summer and the rest of the year.