Saturday, April 2, 2011

this sud's for you

It could have been a catastrophe last week when we ran out of shampoo. But then I remembered a bottle of Jason Natural Kids Only! extra gentle shampoo in the back of the cabinet that I'd been saving for just this sort of occasion. Both kids love the fact that it lathers up really rich (ok, it takes a little more effort to rinse it out of my daughter's corkscrew curls) and leaves hair silky and shiny, especially when followed up with the extra gentle conditioner. With aloe vera and jojoba oil , it soothes the scalp and adds shine. They love pouring the gel shampoo on their heads and lathering up, then dousing themselves with water and smoothing in the conditioner. Hey, if they have fun in the bath it's totally worth it. Get your Jason Natural products at .