Saturday, November 6, 2010

beat the monster blues

My kids callout to me every night after I've tucked them safely into bed..."Mommy, there's a monster in here!" They are usually referring to a toy or piece of furniture that takes on a subtly scary form once the lights go out.

Can you relate? Are your kids afraid of monsters? Do monsters keep them (and you) up at night? 73% of all children ages 4-12 struggle from some form of nighttime fear. Many of those children are convinced that a monster is in their room. has the solution for these kids. Bye Bye Monster Room Spray — a soothing spray made with essential oils that help induce sleep — wards off the worst nighttime fears by providing little ones with a sense of control, enabling a better night's sleep.

The spray is just one piece of a complete bedtime solution for children aged 4-12 who suffer from nighttime fear by Bye Bye Monster Shop, a Minnesota-based company with a mission of creating peace of mind in today's world. The children's spray is available with a beautifully illustrated book, "Bye Bye Monster; Joey's Adventure on Monster Street," an engaging tale about a little boy and his monster friend, 'Barley' who helps children control their fears. The set is complete with a cuddly, stuffed 'Barley' monster to help calm fears and promote a good night's rest!

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