Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy father's day: the right move

If you give a guy a travel chess set, chances are he'll want to take it with him wherever he to his office for lunch hour games with his buds. If he plays chess with his buds, he just might put a wager on the game. If he puts a wager on the game, chances are he will win and be ceremoniously taken out to dinner. If he is treated to a dinner out, there's a good chance he will have a few drinks. If he has a few drinks, he just might challenge his friends to a game of chess. In any event, at least he would never take this travel chess set on your romantic weekend away...or would he?

The point is, it's so irresistible. Not only does it come with two suede pouches to keep the pieces in, but it rolls up into one convenient leather roll that's totally transportable.

The leather chess set by Mulholland ($86) is just one of the great accessories and "toys" available for men at The Plaza Boutique in New York. The Plaza Boutique also carries, Plaza sheets, Plaza bathrobes, Plaza puzzles, teddy bears with the Plaza bathrobes on them…the list goes on. There are also fun gadgets and clothing for men including golf shirts, leather travel size shoe polishing kits and manicure kits.

So if you're still wondering what to get that special dad in your life, pop on over to The Plaza Boutique and start shopping. Available at