Tuesday, July 5, 2011

sun safety: fun sunscreen

We all know how hard it is to get kids to apply sunscreen or to sit still when we try to rub it on them. Sunbow makes it easier with formulas that come in engaging packaging and are fun to put on. When I first sprayed my 3.5 year old daughter with the Dora the Explorer blue goop, she couldn't wait to rub it in herself. When I grabbed a different brand in haste the next day, she pouted all the way to camp because "I wanted the blue sunscreen, mommy!"

My son, age 5, feels the same attachment to the SpongeBob Square Pants version, which comes in yellow (his favorite color) and--btw--also smells like bubble gum. Personally, I'm just thrilled with the bright colored formulas (they are easily absorbed and dry clear) that are gentle on their skin, and the maximum protection (SPF 30) from UVA/UVB rays. Try Sunbow Sunscreen Spray ($9.99), Sunbow Sun Stick ($7.99) and Sunbow Zinc Oxide Cream ($12.99).

Sunbow products are available at www.sunbowsunscreen.comand www.drugstore.com.