Tuesday, March 3, 2009

come clean

Most of us remember our teenage years as being a really fun time in our lives. Parties, proms, getting our driver's licenses... But some teens are faced with one of the biggest obstacles during this time--breakouts. There are plenty of treatment options on the market but many contain harsh ingredients that can strip skin of its natural oils, which can cause breakouts and increase oil production. Definitely a vicious cycle! Dermalogica comes to the rescue with Clean Start, a complete line of skincare products designed to address the needs of teenage skin (even the package design is pretty clean!) Wash Off (a foaming cleanser; $20), All Over Clear (a refreshing toner; $18), Ready, Set, Scrub (a mask/scrub in one; $21) , Welcome Matte SPF 15 (a lightweight lotion that eliminates shine without drying skin or clogging pores; $24), Brighten Up SPF 15 (a lotion/UV shield that gives you a natural tint and subtle shimmer for an all-day glow; $24), Bedtime for Breakouts (an overnight treatment that purifies, exfoliates and clears skin; $22), Hit the Spot (a concentrated blemish treatment; $22), Smart Mouth Lip Shine (shine without stickiness; $16) and the Clean Start Kit (five mini-sized products; $35). In addition to clearing up your skin, Dermalogica has helped clear the way for some pretty dedicated teen artists. The brand has partnered with Inner City Filmmakers (ICF), a Los Angeles-based mentoring program that offers urban teens creative, educational and professional opportunities through all aspects of filmmaking. ICF produced the video that launched these new products, showcasing the talents of this creative group. Go to www.cleanstart.dermalogica.com to learn more or click on www.ulta.com to stock up now.

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