Thursday, April 30, 2009

get into character

Moms want kids to have fun in the bath...especially when we need to distract them from getting soaped up and rinsing clean. London-born designer Tiffany Lerman gets it. A mom of two small kids, Lerman created Tiny Tillia, a collection of character-based bath and body products that combine playtime and daily chores. The paraben-free formulations have developed a celebrity following, as well as many fans from your local neighborhood. The Hand Sanitizer ($4.99) cleans hands without water and smells like flowers; the Head to Toe All-Over Foamy Wash ($4.99) soaps 'em up and gets 'em clean; the Mini Bath Gels come in cute character bubbles filled with bath gel for sudsy fun; and the Bath Book ($2.99) tells the story of the line's famous characters. The Character Bath Mitts ($4.99) are adorable too! Check them out at

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