Wednesday, June 17, 2009

father's day: boost his ego

OK, so your guy is successful at work, dresses well and knows how to turn on the charm when the time is right. He thinks he's all that and you can confirm it--with the Big Kahuna Gift Set ($52) from Carol's Daughter, perfect for Father's Day. Even work-a-holics will relish the feeling of paradise they'll get from this blend of Hawaiian white ginger, musk and spearmint oils that combine to create a masculine, clean scent. The Big Kahuna Bar Soap comes in a chunky, glycerin form that's easy to hold in the shower and really lathers up. Big Kahuna Shea Souffle moisturizer has a creamy, soothing feel but absorbs quickly to hydrate even the driest skin. Big Kahuna Eau de Toilette smells cool and fresh. One spritz will transport him straight to the shore. To order, go to

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