Tuesday, June 2, 2009

share the gift of caring with Curél

I know about dry skin. In fact, I douse myself in ultra-thick moisturizing creams religiously as part of my nighttime beauty regimen. I am constantly trying to soothe and smooth rough elbows, knees, hands and feet. So when Curél came out with limited-edition Continuous Comfort Moisture Lotion for Dry Skin with time-released moisturizers ($8 at drugstores nationwide--it features the iconic Red Cross symbol), I just had to have some. Designed to hydrate and relieve skin for 24 hours, the non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, doesn't clog pores and is dermatologist recommended. Plus, it smells great!

Through its ongoing support of the American Red Cross, Curél goes beyond skin’s surface to nurture the people who need care the most, donating funds to the organization that helps heal communities in times of crisis. Collaborating for the second time, Cynthia Nixon and Curél are proud to launch the “Share the Gift of Caring” campaign in support of the American Red Cross. Log on to www.curel.com to dedicate a portion of Curél’s donation to someone you love, then encourage them to share the gift of caring by doing the same!

The American Red Cross has donated $250,000 and plans to donate $10,000 more. And you can click on the website to donate $1 of that $10,000 in a friend’s name. Your friend will receive a message from Curél letting her know that you care, and she will be invited to share the gift of sharing with someone else—creating a chain of donations from the Curél brand on behalf of real people across the United States.

A great gift and an amazing product for a superb cause--plus you get silky, smooth skin in the process!

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