Tuesday, August 4, 2009

disappearing act

So your little one is finally toilet trained--congrats! No more diapers, no more wipes...but you still may encounter some messy bathroom scenarios. Learning to poop into the bowl can be tricky and can leave the bathroom a bit of a mess. To the rescue: The Poof Toilet Deodorizer ($10). Unlike ultra-strong air fresheners, dangerous matches and scented candles reminiscent of your grandmother's powder room, Poof is simple to use and eliminates odor conveniently and subtly. Just squeeze a drop or two into the toilet before or after to trap odors under the surface. A quick flush and the evidence disappears! I snuck some into the bowl before my son had to go and it really works! All you are left with is relief and a fresh mint scent. Check major supermarkets, drugstores, boutique stores, department stores and spas, or order your personal bottle at www.poofdrops.com.

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