Tuesday, September 22, 2009

open arms

For me, one of the most annoying things about going to the playground is having to carry a bag with your keys, cell phone and cash, or even worse, stuff them all into your pockets. Try pushing a swing or digging in a sandbox with your bag falling off your shoulder or your pockets bulging. That's why I LOVE these innovative, Hands-Free Bags ($49.99 + tax) from Jupiter Freedom. Founded by Genevieve Liboiron in Montreal, Canada. Far more cooler than traditional "fanny packs," the hands-free bags can be worn on your upper or lower arm, wrist or even thigh and holds your cell phone, lipstick, PDA, keys and even most pocket size digital cameras. They're made with quality materials and have amazing features--like an all-around zipper for both right- and left-handed moms, an adjustable elastic straps for the best fit, breathable mesh for comfort, a removable change purse, and more. So what if it was really invented by Liboiron so she could be hands-free when going clubbing? Moms can live vicariously through her as we jump around in Gymboree class! Choose from about a dozen styles at

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