Tuesday, December 22, 2009

holiday gift guide: give annabel karmel

Uggh! I start getting frustrated every day at about 4 PM. That's about the time I have to start thinking about making dinner for the family. All four of us! What happened to the good 'ol days when single-girl-me could go to the movies and count my small portion of popcorn sans butter as my dinner allotment. Now not a day goes by without four tiny eyes staring up at me saying, "I'm hungry. Is dinner ready yet??!" The worst part is, I feel like I know how to whip up a few basics and I stick to them since I don't have much time to start creating new dishes. Thankfully, leading nutritionist and children's book author Annabel Karmel comes through with the book, Favorite Family Meals, and there are enough pages to feed my kids (and husband!) for at least a few months. Not only does she offer delicious easy-to-make recipes--everything from soups and pizzas, to vegetarian dishes and desserts--but she also features plenty of tips, like preventing tooth decay, offering healthy protein suggestions, encouraging weight maintenance in kids and lunch box ideas (there's also a Lunch Boxes and Snacks book too!) Find both, as well as Karmel's other great titles at www.annabelkarmel.com.

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