Monday, December 14, 2009

holiday gift guide: give soft hugwear

If winter is anything like the weather has been in NYC recently, this Soft Hugwear Winter Essentials set ($15) will surely come in handy. It was freeeeezing cold with wintry winds and shivering temps (for NYC anyway). Thankfully, I had the perfect winter accessories at my fingertips--a cozy scarf, hat and gloves--and was sure to put them on before heading outdoors. The fabric is, true to its name, hugable--and super soft. I tried the berry colored hat and gloves and the scarf in a light pink, deep pink and berry stripe. But they come in other colors so you can choose your favorite hue. Sure, it's a great stocking stuffer and all that--but I'm keeping this gift for myself. Available at select Wal-Mart locations nationwide and at

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