Tuesday, December 29, 2009

holiday looks: foot fetish

So you've been on your feet all day...and you're still expected to wear heels all night long at that New Year's Eve party. Don't shy away from your favorite pair of stilettos. Amazing Arches ($6.95 per pair) from Foot Petals will cushion your feet and make you feel comfortable way past midnight, giving footwear that previously didn't work for you a second chance. The extra padding sticks to your shoes and cushions every part of your foot, creating a virtual arch for flat feet and offering much-needed stabilization. The best part: It works with your body's natural shock absorption system to reduce foot fatigue. Go to
www.footpetals.com to purchase a pair. But don't check out before grabbing a pair of Heavenly Heelz ($4.95-$18.95) too. They are total lifesavers! I recently went to a store to buy a pair of high heels I was eyeing for months. When I tried them on, my heel kept slipping out of the back of the shoes. Thanks to Heavenly Heelz, I can step out in style once again.

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