Wednesday, July 14, 2010

go natural

If you thought trying to get your two-year-old daughter to get dressed was a challenge, try lotioning up the kids every day for camp! Talk about a stressful morning! JASON Naturals Sunbrellas Collection makes it easier with six all natural, non-greasy sunblocks that really feel like they're offering the maximum protection. Try Mineral Based Natural Sunblock SPF 30, Kids Natural Sunblock SPF 45, Family Natural Sunblock SPF 45, Facial Natural Sunblock SPF 20, Sport Natural Sunblock SPF 45 or Lip Balm SPF 25. They go on smoothly and absorb quickly, which means you can get them dressed and off to camp in...well, let's just say quicker than with other brands that take a while to rub in. I throw the tubes in their bags so they can reapply during the day. The best part: You'll have relief knowing they're protected when you're not around. Check out for more info.

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