Tuesday, November 30, 2010

expert advice: should I get a nose job as an adult? from plastic surgeon Sam Rizk

I have often thought about getting a nose job. I mean, who wouldn't want a prettier profile? But then I think to myself, "Wouldn't it be weird to all of a sudden show up at my kids' school with a new nose?" So I asked Dr. Sam Rizk his opinion on the procedure and how to handle getting a nose job later in life. Here, his expert response...

Kidandcaboodle: "Is it weird to get a nose job as an adult?"

Sam Rizk: "Rhinoplasty used to be considered a rite of passage for teens, but teenagers are just one group of rhinoplasty patients today. More and more adult women and men are seeking surgery to improve their profiles or correct a hump that has bothered them since childhood, or in many cases, restore a previous rhinoplasty that was sub optimal. About a third of my practice is teens, a third is adults, and the remaining third are secondary procedures to revise earlier surgeries. The biggest difference between a teenage patient and an adult is that adults typically want more subtle changes to be made because they do not want to look different. They want refinements, rather than obvious size reduction or sweeping changes. Most adults would prefer not to tell everyone they know that they have undergone a rhinoplasty, and with modern techniques, that is entirely possible. Your close friends and family may note something different about your appearance, but casual acquaintances will just think you look good but may not know exactly why. I strive to give you the same or similar nose you have, only refined and more beautiful to suit your other facial features. Balance is an integral component to a well orchestrated rhinoplasty operation."

K&C: "Can you explain your 3D procedure?"

SR: "The nose is the most prominent feature on your face; even a small change to your nose will affect your whole appearance in a big way. The modern concept in rhinoplasty is to preserve the general characteristics of the original nose, and make small alterations to straighten or refine the shape and projection, which is what my patients ask for. A natural looking profile and tip are far more desirable today than the pinched look that was prevalent in past decades. The nose is considered to be one of the most complex anatomical structures on the face. The internal structure of the nose is supported by a delicate framework of small bones and resilient cartilage. Even a tiny miscalculation on the part of the surgeon can lead to unsatisfactory results. However, with well orchestrated surgery it is certainly possible to create a beautiful and natural looking nose that will stand the test of time. With my high definition 3D approach, I am able to visualize all the delicate structures of the nose during the operation to fine tune the results I can achieve. The greatest advantage is precision; this technique enables me to make minute changes to cartilage and bone that have a big impact on the final shape of the nose. There are no cons so to speak about using this tool; only advantages in my view. It is most beneficial with more complex cases that require extensive grafts from cartilage and bone. For a primary rhinoplasty, a nose that just has a hump or tip deformity, 3D is less of a necessity, however, even in these instances, there are benefits to utilizing this unique technology."

K&C: "How long is the recovery time?"

SR: "In my practice, we are very focussed on making the recovery phase of surgery as seamless as possible. My patients are busy; whether they are CEOs or soccer moms, they have full schedules and need to get back in the game quickly - within a week or ten days. My Rapid Recovery rhinoplasty procedure allows for speedy recuperation, less bruising and swelling. Most of my patients look good in 10 days and great in 2-3 weeks as more of the swelling resolves. I have moved away from using packing in the nose which was uncomfortable for patients. There is usually a splint required for about 5 days which is removed in my office. Patients report that they have minimal discomfort; they feel stuffy and sore for the first few days but most of them only take Tylenol or nothing at all after that. Minor procedures will have even less of a recovery and it is not unusual for patients to get back to work in a week."

K&C: "Who are the best candidates for rhinoplasty?"

SR: "The best candidates for a High Definition Rhinoplasty are all ages, female and male, who desire a change to their profile, nasal tip and/or base of the nose in a simplified, precise manner with reduced recovery time. I use this technique now on all my rhinoplasty patients and it has become key to my approach in the operating room."

For more info on this and other plastic surgery procedures, go to www.drsamrizk.com.


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