Tuesday, January 25, 2011

get cleaner coffee

We may choose caffeinated over decaf, non-fat over regular milk, no foam over foam...but here's something you don't often think about when it comes to coffee. How clean is the equipment it's brewed on?

Urnex, the leading manufacturer, of specialty cleaning products for coffee and espresso equipment, offers up everything you need for the best brew.

Featuring an innovative collection of organic coffee and espresso machine cleaning products, Urnex leaves java lovers with a delicious and fresh-tasting cup of Joe. Whether it’s working to prevent coffee oil residues (which lead to bitter
taste) or helping to eliminate water-build up and clog flow in coffee equipment, Urnex is the essential coffee companion.

Cleancaf® Home Coffee & Espresso Machine Cleaner and Descaler − The only organically listed home coffee machine cleaner on the market; Cleancaf® is an odorless, non-acid scale inhibitor and detergent in one. Cleaning away old coffee in primary drip coffee brewers to prevent a bitter coffee taste, it is specially designed to clean coffee decanters and filter baskets and inhibit mineral deposits. Just use them bi-weekly or monthly for coffee you can feel good about drinking. Cleancaf® may also be used on home espresso equipment and to clean a French press. ($5.99 for 3 single use packets.)

Dezcal™ Activated Descaler − Designed to breakdown and remove the mineral build-up that can impact the performance of your coffeemaker, Dezcal™ is a citric acid based, non-toxic, biodegradable descaler solution used to decalcify brewers, espresso machines, pod and capsule machines. Use it two to four times a year. ($7.49 for 4 single use packets.)

Grindz™ Grinder Cleaner − Offering the serious coffee enthusiast grinding beans at home with a burr grinder a chance to clean and maintain their high priced equipment. The Grindz™ Grinder Cleaner is the first product developed to clean the burrs and casings of a coffee grinder without disassembly. Providing quick and easy cleaning, it eliminates all chance of old coffee oil residue co-mingling with fresh coffee –even flavored coffee odors. Use monthly or quarterly for best results. Grindz™ Grinder Cleaner is Star-K Kosher Certified. ($11.95 for 3 single use packets.)

Cafiza® Home Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets − Formulated for controlled solubility, easy rinsing and powerful cleaning of home super automatic espresso machine, Cafiza® Tablets are the only NSF certified home tablet and are conveniently packaged on a blister card. ($9.99 for one blister card with 8 tablets.)

Need a thoughtful gift for a java-loving hostess? Urnex delivers. Give the 1-2 Brew Gift Set. Complete with step-by-step instructions on how to brew a perfect cup of coffee. The 1-2 Brew Gift Set includes: Cleancaf ® Home Coffee & Espresso Machine Cleaner, Dezcal™ Descaler, a sample of Grindz™ Grinder Cleaner, a coffee scoop with bag clip along with space to insert a 12-16 oz. bag of the “giftee’s” favorite brand of coffee ($13.95, without coffee).

Urnex products are available at Bed, Bath and Beyond and at www.urnexathome.com


  1. yes its prevent a bitter coffee taste.

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