Sunday, April 17, 2011

raise the bar

My kids' shampoo saga continues.... One wants lots of suds, the other wants a fruity scent... I didn't think I could ever make them both happy in the bath...until I discovered One Bath and Body. The company's bar shampoo makes washing your hair easy and fun.

The solid tear-free shampoo is a round bar housed in an embossed aluminum storage tin and comes in a luscious Coco Banana scent. One bar lasts as long as three eight-ounce bottles so you save room in your shower and in the landfills. My kids love that they can apply it themselves and they get a kick out of the way it lathers up in their hair. Part of the endangered species collection, you can help save a monkey while you wash your child's hair. How cool is that?

If you like One Shampoo, you'll also love One Hair & Body wash in Panda Berry. It comes in a recyclable aluminum canister that has a scratch & sniff sticker on the top of the cover! So you can actually sample the scent without trying to break through the safety seal. And you can help save a panda while you use it. Another reason this is the One hair and body wash you can't live without.

Finally, try One Snow Leopard Lavender Body Lotion, all over your baby's skin and especially on their knees and cheeks. One Baby will donate a portion of its sales to support the sea World/Bush gardens Conservation Fund,

Go to for more info on these great products.

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