Wednesday, February 8, 2012

get a handle on shopping...with cool cuddlers

Ever worry about all the germs and contaminants that lurk on the handle of most shopping carts? You will next time you lift your child into the seat.

Cool Cuddlers to the rescue. They are cart handle covers that create a barrier between your kids and the dirty handlebars so you can shop worry-free. Created by a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, Cool Cuddlers is a result of a study conducted at the University of Arizona which found that shopping carts to be one of the most contaminated surfaces in the market place with only playground equipment and public transportation hand rails ranking higher.

Cool Cuddlers come in two reversible patterns (flowers and dogs) and have snap tabs that enable toys to be attached to keep the kids entertained while you shop. They are environmentally friendly because they are washable and you don't have to worry about your store having wipes available.

More patterns are on the way. Purchase one at ($14.95) and you won't leave home without it. Even after the kids are grown, you may still want to use it for yourself.


  1. I really like your post amazing dude great job..

  2. Today was one of those world is against me” days. Gotta keep throw off the baggage and keep writing…”