Wednesday, June 10, 2009

expert advice: tips for a safe summer from dr. max lebow

Summer safety is a priority with a handful of kids running around. To avoid unecessary mishaps, follow these tips from Dr. Max Lebow, Medical Director of Reliant Immediate Care Medical Group, Inc., a 24-hour urgent care medical facility in the heart of Los Angeles, adjacent to LAX. 1. Bee stings and bug bites usually cause little more than discomfort and can be treated with an alcohol swab. If there is excessive swelling, abnormal breathing, tightness in the throat or chest, loss of consciousness or nausea and vomiting, seek immediate medical assistance. 2. Food poisoning is a potentially very serious problem. Remember to wash your hands before preparing food. Mayonnaise, dairy, meat and fish either cooked or uncooked should be kept out of the sun, covered against dust or bugs and kept cool. 3. Most of us are not used to being in the hot sun all day, so wear a hat, use sunscreen and drink plenty of water. Board certified in Emergency and preventative medicine. Dr. Lebow is committed to Reliant's patients receiving prompt and affordable quality care in a family orientated environment. For more expert advice, go to

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