Wednesday, June 10, 2009

gifts from memory lane

If thoughts of your childhood bring back memories of Shrinky Dinks, LightBrights and Cabbage Patch Kids, you'll love Sonny Boutique--a new online shop with special, handpicked gifts for babies, children and moms alike.

Founded by fashion veteran Rene Sbrocco, the boutique offers a collection of toys to appease the most nostalgic among us.
From Maplewood teethers, to delicate artisan mobiles, to multifunctional baby wraps made from organic fabrics, each item is handpicked for its old world charm and modern practicality. Pick up a bag of
crayon rocks ($8--Crayons not made by Crayola? C'mon!), a heavy metal onesie ($20--you won't find this at Baby Gap!), a Peanuts Thermos ($25--you'll have to explain to your kids who the characters are before you use it!) or some vintage books ($8 each--definitely collectors' items).

Sbrocco grew up collecting old photographs from her
family’s past as a way to piece together the stories she followed as a child. “I’ve always adored the way people were so put together during the 1940’s and I’ve always been drawn to old-fashioned clothing and styles,” says Sbrocco. She decided that her love of vintage fabrics and cuts would best be put to use in a career in fashion. Sbrocco soon found herself working as a wardrobe stylist for some of the biggest names in the industry including Kenneth Cole and Tommy Hilfiger. After 10 years in the fashion industry, Sbrocco began designing baby bibs as gifts for her friends and family, put together a collection of fashionable onesies, vintage toys, and other eclectic products and Sonny Boutique was born.

In addition to making a great gift, each item on the site is socially responsible, whether it is made from sustainable materials or benefits a charitable cause. Go to and shop now.

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