Sunday, November 1, 2009

november giveaway: win a braininsights packet with cool activity ideas to do with your kids

Exciting announcement for you and your baby!

You have the chance to win the easiest and real way to support your baby's brain development! Do you want to win a free gift set of the beautiful and unique braininsights packets for newborn to three-year-olds? All you do is, sign up to be a follower of kidandcaboodle and add a comment to the braininsights post about a fun, interactive activity you do with your child! (include your email address so I can contact you). Then post the link to your kidandcaboodle comment on another social networking site. You will get a chance to win the set and you will be contributing to creating greater awareness of real brain development! A winner will be chosen at random at the end of the may be you! By signing up for the kidandcaboodle site, you will get updates on the giveaway, lots of ongoing parenting information and you'll also get to see all the shared ideas from other parents!

So sign up now....and enter as many times as you'd like. Just make sure you post the link on a social networking site each time! Also, watch for the three- to five-year-old gift set contest coming soon!


  1. My granddaughter who is 4 now is one of the best story tellers. Ever since she has been a baby I have told her stories. We attend the YMCA and after swimming we always take a shower. During the shower, is when I tell the story. Her favorite has always been "The Three Little Pigs". She has down the voice inflections for the wolf and for the 3 pigs. Because of her interest, she was in a Children's Pageant "New Star Discovery". This year they had a talent show. We debated what we should have her do. We chose for her to tell "The Three Pigs" story and act it out with props. She competed against 0-10 yr old. Others had singing, dancing, karate,and piano playing as their talents. My granddaugher took Supreme Title #1 winner of this talent show. I have never been so proud of her in my whole life as I was at that point in time. You see, storytelling does pay off. I now have a 14 month old and another on the way. I will continue my storytelling with them also!

  2. On the way to school, my daughter and I look for letters and see who can be the first to find a letter

  3. hi karen! great contest... this is really simple so i hope it qualifies...but it's great for early language/ conversational/ development! every time i hear my baby make a sound or vocalize rather (he's 8 months) i respond and interact with eye contact. even if it's just making the same exact sound back at him. i've done this with all my boys and found it to be very fascinating to see how they begin to comprehend what their yummy little voices can cause.

  4. You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.