Tuesday, February 23, 2010

superhero teeth

Give a kid a reason to brush and you're OK in my book. Enter the Spiderman Light-Up Toothbrush ($2.99) from Dr. Fresh. Not only can my kids relate to the famous superhero but they love the actual toothbrush itself. There's a molded character handle for easy grasp (especially when wet), high-quality Dupont bristles that won't cut gums and a unique light-up timer technology that kids love. They push a button to start the blinking light which lasts for 60 seconds, the recommended time to brush one row of teeth. Then they push it a second time to brush the other arch. The light lasts for three months so parents know when it's time to get a replacement. The only problem now is, we can't get the kids out of the bathroom! Also available from Dr. Fresh are easy-to-use floss picks for kids and a great AIM Whitening Mouthwash for mom and dad. Go to www.drfresh.com for more info or go to your local Target store or drugstore to purchase.

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