Tuesday, May 17, 2011

laundry lagger? call laundrylocal.com

After a couple of rugged soccer games, baking chocolate cupcakes at school and a rare nighttime accident, there are a million things you'd probably rather be doing than your kids' laundry. Now there's respite for the laundry-dreading crowd. LaundryLocal.com does your laundry for you...so you can get busy doing something you'd much rather be doing.

Busy New York and Los Angeles residents can say “bye-bye” to the hassle of dropping off and picking up their work clothes at their local Laundromat and “hello” to the convenience of a laundry delivery service. It’s as easy as 1-Pick Your Spot, 2-Schedule a Pick-Up and 3-Confirm your information. Doing your laundry has never been easier. Just enter your address a select a prescreened service provider for valet laundry service (they’ll pick-up from your door and deliver your clean clothes back to you with no hassles!)

Why didn't someone come up with this sooner? Go to www.laundrylocal.com to schedule your pickup. Then go out and get a manicure--you deserve it!


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